Valve has released Patch 7.27 for Dota 2

The week beginning with a new Dota 2 Patch cannot be a bad week, can it? Moreover, it is just the first part of Patch 7.27 which features significant changes to game items, draft preparation, and other major things. 

Patch 7.27 General Changes 

  1. The basic experience for killing a hero has increased from 40 to 100. 
  2. The basic gold reward for slaughtering a hero formula has changed from (99 +7.2*level) to (120 + 8*level). 
  3. Passive gold earning has increased from 85 to 95 per minute. 
  4. The reward for the stack of neutral creeps has changed from 35% to 40%. 
  5. The legions of neutral creeps have changed from medium to small. The Prowler camps no longer exist. 
  6. Now players can always see the enemies who are capturing Outposts by tapping Alt. 
  7. From now, the enemy teams cannot capture your Outpost, before they destroy at least one tier2 tower. 
  8. The reward for killing a courier is decreased from (30 + 7/level) to (25 + 5/level). The courier speed is now decreasing by 15% if it is carrying items. 

One more part of an update considers the drafting stage. Since today, the first pick phase has changed from Radiant/Dire/Dire/Radiant to Radiant/Dire/Radiant/Dire or vice versa if the first pick belongs to Dire. The ban count has been also changed from 4/1/1 to 2/3/2. Thus, a team that picks first could gain an additional advantage due to the ban count decreasing. Now, a team that picks first can choose two heroes and then ban three possible enemy heroes that can counter-pick. 

Patch 7.27 Items Changes

The neutral items also got some serious nerfs. For instance, one of the strongest items in Patch 7.26, the Necronomicon, no longer provides Archer Aura, it now has a Hero attack damage instead of Piercing. Mana regeneration is reduced from 3/3.5/4 to 2/3/4. Spell Immunity damage by Last Will no longer exist. Helm of Dominator now does not provide aura regen. Bracer, Null Talisman, and Wraith Band were also nerfed badly. They all got Strength, Intelligence, and Agility reduced by 1 point. 

Meanwhile, some other items received some updates. For example, Blade Mail now has increased Armor bonus and passive return of 20 plus 20% of each attack’s damage. 

One more part of Dota 2 upcoming Patch 7.27 is expected to come out next week with additional items’ changes, hero changes, and general improvements. Dota 2 Buff Hub  will keep following all the newest updates, interviews, events, and facts to provide you with the most interesting info about the world of Dota 2. 

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