[VCT Korea Stage 2] Vision Strikers secure 100th win in a row

Vision Striker, Korea's first ever professional VALORANT team, reached a huge milestone over the weekend, winning their 100th VALORANT series in a row without taking a single loss. The team has been competing in VALORANT Since June of 2020, and so far they have yet to lose a single series, though they do have four draws on their record.

The team secured their 100th victory against Feel So Good at this past weekend's KR VCT Stage 2 Challengers Qualifiers. The monumental 100-match winning streak follows the Vision Striker's already impressive championship victory at the VCT Stage 1 Masters 1 Tournament, where they defeated NUTURN to earn the  Stage 1 title, 100 VCT points, and a $40,000 cash prize. Before that, the team took home the top prize at the First Strike Korea tournament in December of 2020.

The Vision Strikes roster is made up of five Korean former CS:GO professionals who formerly competed under the name MVP PK.  MVP PK competed in CS:GO for over four years before the roster made the jump into VALORANT in June of last year under the name Vision Strikers. Since entering VALORANT, they have established absolute dominance over the other Korean region, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

Vision Strikers are currently competing in Group A of the VCT Stage 2 Challengers 1 competition. If they keep playing the way they have been, we can expect them to easily qualify for the VCT Stage 2 Masters International event taking place in Iceland in May.

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