What are Eternals LOL? | Popular questions about Eternals

After the release in March 2020, League of Legends Eternals has called lots of controversial thoughts among casual and professional players. What are Eternals LoL? Are Eternals permanent? How much will Eternals cost? How do I get eternal capsules? BuffHub is about to break down these and other popular questions about League of Legends Eternal Capsules. 

What are Eternals LoL? 

According to the League of Legends lore, Eternals are physical homages of forgotten deities. In the game, Eternals are functioning as a premium champion mastery system. Its main role is to highlight the personal achievements of League of Legends players. LoL Eternal Capsules are divided into 6 types: 

  1. Empress – Dominating the opponent 
  2. Guide – Helping a player or his team to win 
  3. Protector – Letting your team live 
  4. Trickster – Helps to do ‘mind games’ 
  5. Warden – Control enemies 
  6. Warrior – Destroying enemies 

Are Eternals permanent? 

Eternals are permanently available for 225 RP or 2,500 Blue Essence for each set. However, Riot Games release new Eternal Sets together with the new Series giving a discount for the previous Eternal Sets. Thus, Eternals stay at the player account permanently after buying the Set, however, the game developer encourages players to constantly buy new Sets. Funny fact is that League of Legends has banned the corresponding thread on Reddit

How much will Eternals cost? 

The Eternal Set for each individual champion costs 225 RP or 2,500 Blue Essence. There is also an option to purchase a starter pack, called ‘Starter Series Eternal Pass’ which has every current champion Set for 1350 RP or 14,750 Blue Essence. 

Moreover, there is a Series One set that allows you to get all possible stats for entire champions. A Season One pass costs 5,850 RP. However, Riot Games has promised to offer generous discounts with the launch of the new Series. Thus, you can get a 30% discount three months after the Eternals are released and 60% off on the old Eternal Series after the new one is released.


How do I get eternal capsules? 

The easiest way to get Eternal Capsules is to buy it with real money. In the shop, you can find various Eternals Sets with different prices. The list of current Eternals that are available for purchase can be found at League of Legends Fandom. In total, there are 435 unique offers of Eternals to purchase. 

How do I get free Eternals? 

One more way to get Eternals is by participating in the upcoming Summer event. Players will be able to receive Eternal Capsules for completing a chain of free missions. The Capsules contain orange essence and two set shards distributed randomly. With the use of Shards and orange essence, players can unlock the Eternal Set for a chosen Champion. In addition to this, free Eternal Capsules will be distributed as a reward in Ranked Splits. 

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