Yone – The 150th League of Legends Champion Confirmed

The new Champion to be added to League of Legends is Yasuo’s fallen brother Yone. It will come out together with Lillia on July 22. The Patch 10.15 featuring two new Champions will be released prior to the big summer event. 

Who is Yone? History & Abilities 

Lillia came to us as a pure surprise. Unlike her, Yone is an already known character. Riot Games announced this Champion as a “masked stranger” earlier. Now it is confirmed that the stranger is the fallen warrior, older brother of Yasuo who has killed him in a legendary League of Legends duel. Now Yone is coming back for revenge! 

Yone abilities are still kept in secret. There is still neither official Champion teaser nor abilities presentation. But the rumors are that Yone will remind the abilities of his younger brother. Back in the days, Riot Games said that he is “edgy solo-lane melee carry”. Yes, I am not that crazy to think that Yone will have wind tornado and opponent knock up abilities, but remind my words, he will know how to stun the opponents for sure! 

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Two new Champions will likely be released together on July 22 as a part of Patch 10.15. Due to the patch release, players will be able to receive a new reward item - “Lillia’s Haiku”. The patch will also contain new Blossom Spirit skins set. Will Yone receive a Spirit Blossom skin alongside Lillia? Leave your thoughts about the new Champions down in the comments. 

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