100 Thieves
LCS Summer 2020
1st of August 2020
(about 1 year ago)
100 Thieves vs FlyQuest – LCS Summer 2020
31 Jul 2020 - 12:34
Posted by:

One more victory and FlyQuest is in the LCS Summer playoffs! Will it happen in the 1st Week 8 match versus 100 Thieves? Well, FlyQuest has smashed both opponents in Week 7, showing great performance in games versus top teams like Team Liquid and Golden Guardians. Fly Midlane and Jungler players, Santorin and PowerofEvil, are on fire in recent games. In general, FlyQuest looks pretty in-from these days. 

100 Thieves are showing signs of improvement. Did the team reach the bottom to bounce back from? With the addition of Contractz and Poome, the team started to play better but that’s not enough. In week 7, 100Thieves has defeated CLG but lost to GG. If the team wants to feature in playoffs, they have to win each and every game. 

I think, 100 Thieves will not be able to crush all the remaining opponents left on the group stage path. The first obstacle will be in-form FlyQuest, which shouldn’t have issues in the upcoming match. Match Winner – FlyQuest with odds above 1.5.

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