BLAST Premier Global Final 2020
23rd of January 2021
(about 1 month ago)
Astralis vs Vitality – BLAST Premier Global Final 2020
22 Jan 2021 - 18:39
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As part of the BLAST Premier Global Final tournament, Astralis will play with Team Vitality. Both teams started with two back-to-back victories in the Upper-bracket that lead them to the Final. The best teams on the planet will clash with each other and show a real hot fight.

After a month's break, Astralis has managed to crush EG and G2 with the same score of 2-1. The later match has fulfilled all fans' excitement about it. On dust2, Astralis lost 4:11, but in the second half, zonic's men tried to make a comeback but lacked a little luck (14:16). The next Vertigo map was completely under the control of the Danes - 16:8. The decider turned out to be a breathtaking show. G2 Esports was in the lead 10:5, but for the counter-terrorists, gla1ve and the company turned the game around and achieved the victory - 16:14.

The best CS:GO player of the year and co easily defeated Complexity but struggled in a match with Liquid. "The horses" performed in a renewed lineup together with FalleN. It should be admitted that the Brazilian fit well into the roster, and Team Liquid players were looking quite confidently against the very powerful Vitality roster. There was a tight fight on Nuke - Victoria went to the piggy bank of ZywOo and his teammates. The Vertigo map also turned out to be interesting, but the horses showed slightly less resistance - 11:16.

Considering the great form of both teams and the fact that 4 latest h2h matches between Astralis and Liquid hit Over 2.5 Maps, I don’t expect the two best teams in the world to define the most skillful one within two easy maps. No, the fight will be tough and close. The Danes should take Inferno, Train, and Vertigo. Meanwhile, the Frenchmen are good at Inferno, Overpass, and Dust 2. For sure, the bookies are aware of this situation and would never offer great odds on Over 2.5, but a 1.82 multiplier by seems a decent bargain.

Total Maps Played
Over 2.5
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