CSGOFAST Cup season 5 2020
24th of July 2020
(over 1 year ago)
FATE Esports vs SJ Gaming – CSGOFAST Cup #5
24 Jul 2020 - 09:43
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In the semifinal of CSGOFAST Cup 5, FATE will meet SJ. Do SJ Gaming start to show good performance with the departure of Jamppi? In the playoffs, Finns have defeated Danish roster of Team Singularity, and Germans “touch the crown” with the same score of 2-0. Meanwhile, FATE has overperformed GameAgents 2-1 and Izako Boars 2-0 to set everything for the today’s Bulgaria vs Finland battle. Who will advance to the Grand Final? 

FATE has a more solid roster on the distance but a couple of weak maps do not make the Bulgarians my favorites for the upcoming match. For instance, FATE has a 0% winning rate in Nuke (out of 6 attempts). SJ has shown a nice performance in a couple of recent matches but and this emotional boost should allow the Finns to win at least one map in a semifinal clash with FATE. My pick for today’s game: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5.

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