LEC Summer 2020
8th of August 2020
(over 1 year ago)
Excel Esports
Fnatic vs Excel Esports – LEC Summer 2020
6 Aug 2020 - 12:00
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Here we are, at the knockout battles. No, not playoffs, yet. But what’s the difference? In LEC Summer 2020 Super Week 8, Fnatic will compete with Excel Esports for the playoff spot. 

The teams are currently having the same 7-8 records, occupying 5-6 places. They are followed by 3 teams with 6-9 records, so the loser will get out of the playoffs zone. Looking at the teams’ recent matches, we can see that Fnatic has lost both matches in the past week. Meanwhile Excel 4/5 latest matches. However, bookies prefer Fnatic giving the team a much lower odds on the victory. Yes, Fnatic has defeated Excel in the first meeting at LEC Summer 2020 but Excel seems to be in much better form right now. Therefore, I think the odds on Match Winner should be closer to equal and we can get value betting on higher odds here. Don’t put too much on this risky bet, though. But don’t stand-by and get the advantage of nice odds on Excel. Match Winner – Excel Esports with odds above 2.5.

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