MAD Lions
Spring Sweet Spring Season 1 2021
19th of April 2021
(22 days ago)
Galaxy Racer
Galaxy Racer vs MAD Lions – Spring Sweet Spring
19 Apr 2021 - 06:34
Posted by:

Galaxy Racer and MAD Lions will meet on the first round of the Spring Sweet Spring 1 Regionals. I am sure that there will be no sensation in this match, since the game of MAD Lions deserves a quick exit to the main stage of the championship. The teams have not met before. I am sure that in this series we will definitely miss Overpass - the best map of the Swedes. Overall, however, there is a feeling that MAD Lions is much more confident.

An interesting match from the point of view that MAD Lions is not a favorite in the eyes of bookmakers. It could be that Galaxy Racer is really ready to impose a fight. However, it seems to me that the Swedes simply do not have enough strength and ideas. Therefore, here I propose to bet on the victory of the MAD Lions team.

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