cs_summit Europe season 6 2020
2nd of July 2020
(over 1 year ago)
GODSENT vs OG – cs_summit 6: Europe
2 Jul 2020 - 14:03
Posted by:

In the Lower Bracket Round 2, OG will face GODSENT. OG has fallen into the lower bracket after a defeat to Vitality. But do not say it was super obvious. Vitality took 54 rounds to finally break OG opposition and get the place at Upper Bracket Final. GODSENT also played extra rounds in a clash with NiP. The opening map, Vertigo, happened to be a battle of an equal opponents. However, “sent by God” were slightly stronger or luckier and Ninjas could not cope with own nerves at Train. GODSENT play in rough, aggressive CS:GO which pleases lots of fans. Moreover, they have won 2/3 h2h meetings with OG and have slight advantage in map pool. For this match, I will go with GODSENT victory for sure. 

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