Team Liquid
17th of June 2020
(over 1 year ago)
Team Empire
Liquid - Empire. 18.06.20. Beyond Epic Group stage
17 Jun 2020 - 13:48
Posted by:

In the third match day of online Beyond Epic group stage, Team Liquid will face Team Empire. Both teams have already defeat poor Alliance. However, things went differently with Ninjas in Pyjamas. Empire had few to any chances in a clash with Ninjas, eventually losing 2-0. Meanwhile, Liquid done a fierce 3-maps fight, 40+ minutes each, lost first map, but made a fascinating comeback to notch a 2-1 victory. As a result, Liquid is current Group B leader with 5 points, while Empire is on 3rd place with 3 points. Both teams are in a pretty good shape right now, so I expect a tough competition. Therefore, I will stake on total maps played – Over 2.5, still giving a slight advantage to Liquid.

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