Motivade.Trust Gaming
The International Southeast Asia Qualifier season 10 2021
30th of June 2021
(about 1 month ago)
Neon Esports
Match Prediction: Motivade.Trust Gaming - OB Esports x Neon | Dota 2
30 Jun 2021 - 05:25
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Hot matches of Southeast Asia will start tomorrow. A region with the potential to become the most competitive at least in qualifications.

I think all expectations will come true tomorrow. And tomorrow a rather interesting pair will play - OB Esports x Neon and Motivade.Trust Gaming.

Those OB Esports x Neon, which "nightmares" everyone in the Singapore Major, were left without a direct ticket to The International. Dota is such a discipline - one "shot" is not enough.

Motivade.Trust Gaming is the team that got in shape in the second season. They went through the hell of open qualifiers and immediately broke into the first division, scattering teams from the second echelon of Asia along the way.

Sounds like a good seed huh? I suggest taking a closer look at the dish.

Motivade.Trust Gaming Form

This does not often happen, but in this match the team from the lower division is rated as the favorite. And this is readily believed.

After winning the open qualifiers, the Thais from Motivade.Trust Gaming are ripping and dying. The recent victory at the BTS Pro Series is further proof of this.

Motivade.Trust Gaming latest matches

  • Defeat Crocodile 2-0
  • Lose from BOOM with a score of 1-2
  • Defeat Galaxy Racer 2-0
  • Beat BOOM 3-0
  • Lost to LBZS with a score of 1-2

As we can see, Motivade.Trust Gaming manage to play not only with representatives of the region, but also test themselves in battles against Chinese teams. This does not always end with success, but experience will clearly be gained.

OB Esports x Neon Form

After an unexpected performance at the Singapore Major, OB Esports x Neon fell in love with many people, including me. The same game was expected during the second DPC season, but in the end we got a different picture.

As is often the case, the fuse dried up and the team “went out”. To such an extent that she almost lost her place in the major league.

Fortunately, during the replays, Neon managed to pull themselves together and retained their slot in the top division. Nevertheless, getting into such a situation can already serve as a "wake-up call".

OB Esports x Neon Latest Results

  • Beat LBZS 2-0
  • 0-2 defeat to Galaxy Racer
  • Lose at Dragon 1-2
  • Beat LBZS 3-1
  • Defeat Dragon 3-1

In June, OB Esports x Neon won a rather interesting Moon Studio Asian Showdown tournament, which should slightly raise morale before the start of the closed qualifiers. But will it raise?

Personal meeting history

The clubs managed to play several official matches with each other. Over the last 5 meetings, Motivade.Trust Gaming have celebrated the victory 3 times and the matches have ended in a draw 2 times.

Match outcome

Honestly, after the second DPC season, it's hard to believe that OB Esports x Neon will be able to come back to the level of the Singapore Major. Still, then a successful replacement played a big role.

Winning the Moon Studio Asian Showdown for me carries less status than winning the BTS Pro Series, and the history of face-to-face meetings speaks of the superiority of Motivade.Trust Gaming.

Anyway, I think we will have an interesting fight. A duel in which Motivade.Trust Gaming will win.

Outcome: victory for Motivade.Trust Gaming.

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