The International China Qualifier season 10 2021
9th of July 2021
(22 days ago)
Royal Never Give Up
Match Prediction: RNG - Aster.Aries | Dota 2
9 Jul 2021 - 05:18
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Royal Never Give Up will face Aster.Aries in the lower bracket of the Chinese qualifiers for The International 10. RNG managed to defeat LBZS, but lost in the most difficult match to Elephant, but they had chances with the favorites.

Aster.Aries lost to EHOME in the first round of the upper bracket, and then outplayed Xtreme Gaming and Phoenix Gaming.

Aster.Aries are played by: Ulu, Phoenix, yoona, Siamese.C
Performing Royal Never Give Up: GodKing, Dstones, Flyby, FelixCiaoBa, RedPanda

Team Drafts Royal Never Give Up

- Carry: Specter, Arc Warden, Lifestealer, top five: Brewmaster, Undying, Viper
- In hard on three: Mars, Broodmother, Tidehunter, Doom, on four: Mirana, Lion
- Mid: Invoker, Kunkka, Templar Assassin
- Royal Never Give Up Bans: Broodmother, Phoenix, Dragon Knight, Templar Assassin, Lifestealer, Doom, Wraith King, Wintern Wyvern, Viper
Banned against RNG: Nyx Assassin, Death Prophet, Dragon Knight, Medusa, Viper, Wintern Wyvern, Terrorblade, Timbersaw

Royal Never Give Up results for The International 10 qualifiers

- Defeated LBZS with a score of 2: 0
- Lost against Elephant with a score of 1: 2

Aster.Aries Team Drafts

- Carry: Morphling, Chaos Knight, Medusa, Ursa, on the five: Lion, Death Prophet, Ancient Apparation, Phoenix
- Hard on three: Doom, Dragon Knight, Magnus, Kunkka, on four: Hoodwink, Shadow Demon, Lion
- Mid: Puck, Templar Assassin, Magnus
- Aster.Aries bans: Templar Assassin, Viper, Dragon Knight, Phoenix, Faceless Void, Wintern Wyvern, Terrorblade, Death Prophet, Earth Spirit, Lina
- Against Aster. Aries banned: Broodmother, Nyx Assassin, Timbersaw, Viper, Mars, Ursa, Clockwerk, Terrorblade, Templar Assassin, Phantom Lancer

Aster.Aries results in qualifiers for The International 10

- Lost against EHOME with a score of 0: 2
- Defeated Xtreme Gaming with a score of 2: 0
- Defeated Phoenix Gaming with a score of 2: 1

Prediction: Aster.Aries vs. Royal Never Give Up in Chinese Qualifiers for The International 10

Royal Never Give Up showed us their strongest strategies, they have Dstones with signature Invoker, and they also showed Arc Warden from GodKing, the game with this character against Elephant took 107 minutes. Aster.Aries has a Puck that they highly rate, but it only pays off with weaker teams.

Bookmakers give odds of 1.21 for Royal Never Give Up and 4.24 for Aster.Aries. Quotes are very low and therefore worth catching in LIVE mode. I have no doubts that RNG will win, I even believe in 2: 0 with 1.762 odds.

Prediction: Royal Never Give Up will easily beat Aster.Aries with a score of 2: 0 - odds 1.76

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