ESL One Fall 2021
29th of August 2021
(26 days ago)
Match Prediction: - PSG.LGD | Dota 2
29 Aug 2021 - 13:31
Posted by: will face PSG.LGD in the ESL One Fall 2021 Lower Bracket. Will the Chinese team take revenge after losing in the first round of the upper bracket? We will find out today, I think yes! is played by: Nightfall, gpk, DM, Save-, Kingslayer

For PSG.LGD are: Ame, xiao8, Faith_bian, XinQ, y`


Yesterday Tundra Esports took out without much chance, and PSG.LGD dealt with T1. results at ESL One Fall 2021

- Defeating T1

- Defeating Thunder Predator

- Defeating Team Spirit

- Defeat Tundra Esports

- Defeating Creepwave

- Victory over PSG.LGD with a score of 2: 0

- Lost to Tundra Esports with a score of 0: 2


PSG.LGD results at ESL One Fall 2021

- Defeating Alliance

- Defeat Team Liquid

- Defeating SG Esports

- Draw with Team Empire

- Defeat by beastcoast

- Defeat from with a score of 0: 2

- Victory over Team Spirit with a score of 2: 1

- Victory over T1 with a score of 2: 1


PSG.LGD are getting in shape, as a rule, towards the end of the tournament, and therefore they have a good chance of beating xiao8 said the right things in an interview, supposedly the teams are trying to ban his signature heroes, because they are afraid of losing to him, and indeed this is so. banned him from Clinkz and Pangolier in the first match, but he rolled out on Spirit Breaker, created a lot of problems, but Nightfall closed on Faceless Void and the signature Phantom Lancer. VP dropped drafts with the Tundra Esports match, Tundra had already read about focusing supports, especially Wintern Wyvern, as she was the only character that could knock down Black Hole. gained too much confidence after defeating PSG.LGD, and Tundra Esports quite unexpectedly sieged them, boo1k is not drafting that brilliantly. Personally, it seems to me that they were very, very surprised by Night Stalker, whether PSG.LGD will surprise them with anything, I think it's unlikely, but "Bears" should already be ready for the appearance of NS and try to ban Omniknight, or take it for themselves in the first stage. It's hard for me to predict such matches, PSG.LGD play very unpredictably, but in the final days of the tournament, they always play great. Subjectively, LGD is always top-1 for me, but I want to beat them.


Bookmakers give odds of 1.73 on and 2.14 on PSG.LGD. Despite the replacement at LGD, they do not really believe in a confident victory for the “Bears”, even though they closed them 2-0 in the first round of the upper bracket. I'm leaning towards TB 2.5 on cards, everything will depend on drafts, "bears" need to choose heroes that will dominate due to laning advantage, they did it in the first two maps with AGD. It's best to bet LIVE, after the drafts, it's very interesting how the teams will prepare for each other and what will change.


Prediction: PSG.LGD will beat at ESL One Fall 2021

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