Natus Vincere
BLAST Premier European Finals Spring 2020
18th of June 2020
(over 1 year ago)
Natus Vincere – Complexity. 18.06.20. BLAST Premier Spring
17 Jun 2020 - 12:46
Posted by:

In the Upper Bracket Semi-final of BLAST Premier Spring, Natus Vincere will clash rifles with Complexity. CoL has never defeated NaVi in a Bo3 format. Will it be different this time? Complexity has showed brilliant performance in a match with OG. They smashed the opponent on their pick, Train map, - 16-7. Lost Mirage, but won the decider on Nuke. However, COL has <50% win rate versus top-20 teams, mainly because of their 2 weakest maps – Overpass and Mirage. NaVi went through NiP, showing nice fights. Team leaders, electronic и s1mple, are in outstanding form and should direct their rage to Complexity. I will stake on NaVi to defeat CoL and advance to the Grand Final.

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