cs_summit Europe season 6 2020
25th of June 2020
(over 1 year ago)
NiP vs x6tence - СS Summit 6 Online: Europe
25 Jun 2020 - 08:38
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As a part of the first match of Group C, Ninjas in Pyjamas will meet x6tence. Wait, wait. Who is x6tence and why are they playing at CS Summit 6: Europe? On June 23, European esports organization signed full Copenhagen Flames roster and acquired a place at Summit 6. Most likely CF decided to refresh the team after the departure of “Farling”. But will the players start progressing under the flag of a new organization? 

At the moment, x6tence has a 4-games losing streak. The team has lost to Movistar Riders, Giants (twice) and BIG. Will the new roster swing the team results up to the moon? NiP has substituted “Lekr0” with “hampus” but this is not the change for a better as it looks at the moment. NiP can still show a nice performance, however, it happens rarely nowadays. 

This will be the first meeting of these teams. Both teams are not in their best at the moment, but NiP should win at least due to individual skill of their players. For this match, I will go with a prediction: Match Winner – NiP with Map Advantage -1.5.

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