MAD Lions
LEC Summer 2020
8th of August 2020
(about 1 year ago)
Rogue vs MAD Lions - LEC Summer 2020
6 Aug 2020 - 14:09
Posted by:

The LEC returns this weekend with a thrilling bo1 match between Rogue and MAD Lions. With both sides tied up at 11-4 apiece, the winner will take sole possession of the first place and will have the advantage going into the playoffs. 

Rogue has been playing incredibly well at an early stage since the edition of patch 10.14. Moreover, Rogue is keen on takers the first Tower and winning the race of First to Three Towers, having a 100% winning rate in these terms at LEC. The team is also good at mid-game and play together long enough to know how to finish off the strongest opponents. For me, Rogue is the better side in this battle, as the team is in much better shape and looks more motivated than MAD Lions. Thus, I pick Rogue as a Match Winner for the upcoming battle for the group stage victory. 

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