ESEA Season 34: Advanced Division - Europe
14th of July 2020
(6 months ago)
sAw vs Nexus Gaming – ESEA Season 34 Advanced: Europe
14 Jul 2020 - 11:25
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In the Lower Bracket Round 5, sAw will meet Nexus. The winner will play with the team which will lose in a Secret vs Tricked duel, while the loser will be eliminated. sAw seems to has lost the conditions. The Portuguese team was defeated by SG. Pro, Team Secret, and ALTERNATE aTTaX – all within one week. The match will Tikitakan happened to be an unexpected thriller in which sAw barely defeated a less experienced opponent. Nexus is a perfect example of an unstable team. The guys can easily defeat sAw today and get crashed by them tomorrow. Thus, in the last h2h match Nexus lost to sAw with a score of 1-2. Worth mentioning that sAw has played over 2.5 maps in all three of the last meetings. Nexus got a technical victory over Ambush but played three maps with LDLC on July 10. Therefore, for this match I peak Total Maps Played – Over 2.5 with odds above 2.

Total Maps Played
Over 2.5
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