Thunder Predator
BTS Pro Series Americas season 9 2021
6th of November 2021
(29 days ago)
Black N Yellow
Thunder Predator vs Black N Yellow
4 Nov 2021 - 23:36
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The group stage of the ninth season of BTS Pro Series: Americas continues. And we continue to observe with interest (or not so much) the main characters of this event.

In the next round, we will have a fight between Thunder Predator and Black N Yellow. In the last round of the group stage there were several local sensations, which means we can expect something similar now.

But will the result of this match turn out to be a bright spectacle? Trying to figure it out.

Thunder Predator Form

Let's start with the classics, with a discussion of the main contender to win the match. This is our Thunder Predator.

The International 10 member club that recently changed their roster. In case you suddenly forgot, now the interests of the "predators" are represented by former fighters of NoPing Esports.

Thunder Predator roster for BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas

  • Angel
  • Darkmago
  • Oscar
  • Matthew
  • Pandaboo

We saw these guys throughout the previous DPC season, and therefore we will not dwell on the roster and present the players in more detail.

Thunder Predator Recent Results

  • Defeat Hokori 2-0
  • Beat 4 Zoomers 2-0
  • Defeat Arkosh Gaming 2-0
  • Draw with D2 Hustlers 1-1
  • Defeat simply TOOBASED 2-0

As we can see, during this championship, Thunder Predator is doing well, which is to be expected from a team with a lot of experience playing with each other.

Thunder Predator Heroes

Most played Thunder Predator heroes in patch 7.30: Mars (33 matches, 57% win), Mirana (17 matches, 77% win), Tidehunter (17 matches, 82% win).

The most successful Thunder heroes in patch 7.30: Gyrocopter (14 matches, 100% win), Sand King (8 matches, 100% win), Faceless Void (6 matches, 100% win).

Black N Yellow shape

The leader of the tournament standings will be opposed by Black N Yellow. I would like to wish them the best in this.

Black N Yellow, in my understanding, the team is absolutely unremarkable and poorly competitive. Black N Yellow at BTS Pro Series Season 9: Americas includes:

  • Yamsun
  • Sammyboy
  • Zero
  • Lil_Nick
  • Jubei

The only thing that can be noted is that Sammyboy and Jubei were missing from the heavens.

Black N Yellow Latest matches

  • Defeat Hokori 2-0
  • Defeat from INF. UESPORTS with a score of 0-2
  • Lose from 4 Zoomers 0-2
  • Draw with Hokori 1-1
  • Draw with Arkosh Gaming 1-1

Even with teams like Arkosh and Hokori, Black N Yellow has serious difficulties. What can we say about teams of caliber Thunder Predator.

Heroes Black N Yellow

Most played Black N Yellow heroes in patch 7.30: Clockwerk (7 matches, 28% win), Sven (6 matches, 50% win), Bane (6 matches, 16% win).

The most successful Black N Yellow heroes in patch 7.30: Leshrac (2 matches, 100% win), Tidehunter (1 match, 100% win).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not meet in official matches.


I don't believe Black N Yellow will win even on one of the cards. Thunder seem to be targeting this tournament and are showing quite a championship game so far.

Exodus: Thunder Predator wins.

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