ESEA Advanced Europe season 34 2020
20th of July 2020
(about 1 year ago)
Tricked vs sAw – ESEA Season 34: Advanced Division – Europe
20 Jul 2020 - 13:19
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In the Grand Finale of ESEA S34 Advanced: Europe Tricked will face sAw. According to the event format, Tricked has a one map advantage. Will it help the foxes to get a victory in the bo5 match? 

The Danish five has passed a long and tiring way towards the Grand Finale of ESEA S34. The team was playing very well but there were some bad performances as well. At the moment, Tricked has a four-game winning streak: they defeated CR4ZY, Sangal, Ambush and Secret. 

The Portuguese have already defeated Tricked a month ago with a score of 2-0. That was a really crucial defeat, 16:3 on Vertigo and 5:16 on Inferno. For now, sAw has 3-game winning series. 

Which team will continue winning? Although the odds went down from 2.2 at sportsbook release to 1.9 at the moment, I still see value in staking on sAw victory. The Portuguese team has stronger map pool and looks more solid than Tricked, and their only h2h match proves that. Match Winner – sAw.

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