Perfect World League Season 1 2021
30th of April 2021
(11 days ago)
TYLOO vs ViCi – Perfect World League S1 2021
30 Apr 2021 - 08:24
Posted by:

After analyzing the choice of bookmakers, I see that the clear favorite is TYLOO, which in principle is quite obvious, it is only necessary to compare the main indicators of rival teams.

  TYLOO                  vs.                   ViCi
    67.8%         Total Win Rate         59.7%
      76               HLTV Rank              73
Won 5 of 5    Resent Matches    Won 5 of 5

Despite the fact that last 4 head-to-head matches ViCi lost, I think they can win this one due to better form ranking. So don't lose your chance to bet on ViCi victory with 2.10 odd on

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