Natus Vincere
ESL One CIS Online: Upper Division season 1 2021
22nd of January 2021
(about 1 month ago)
Team Unique
Unique vs Na`Vi – ESL One CIS Online
22 Jan 2021 - 06:56
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The teams NaVi and Team Unique will carry out a match on 22.01.21. The opponents will fight at the Dota 2 tournament ESL One. DPC 2021: Season 1 - CIS Upper Division.

Victories in the last 5 matches: Team Unique - 3 / NaVi - 4

A number of victories in the last 10 matches: Team Unique - 4 / NaVi - 7

Participants of the match had 2 matches between them. In so doing, Team Unique achieved 0 victories, compared to NaVi’s 2 victories, respectively.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team NaVi as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 1.061. Team Unique chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 7.748 by bookmakers. In a situation like that I choose to play with First Blood, so my bet is:

First Blood (Map 1)
Natus Vincere
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