Vici Gaming
DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2 2020
24th of July 2020
(about 1 year ago)
Team Aster
Vici Gaming vs Team Aster – DPL-CDA League S2
23 Jul 2020 - 12:18
Posted by:

The Semifinal of DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2 features the meeting of Vici Gaming and Team Aster. Vici has won the group stage and easily passed through Invictus Gaming in the Quarterfinal with a score of 2-0. Vici has lost two Finals in a row at online tournaments in the Chinese region. Isn’t it the time of one of the most famous Asian teams to hold another trophy? 

Team Aster has finished the group stage in the 4th place with 6-3 records. In the quarterfinal, Aster managed to defeat Sparking Arrow Gaming 2-0. However, it was still a much tougher victory than the Vici one. The bookies value Vici victory with odds around 1.4 and that’s very reasonable considering how solid is the team roster in the Chinese region and in the whole world. Match Winner – Vici Gaming.

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