cs_summit Europe season 6 2020
3rd of July 2020
(over 1 year ago)
Vitality vs BIG – cs_summit 6 Online: Europe
3 Jul 2020 - 12:19
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The Upper Bracket Final of cs_summit 6 Online: Europe feature Team Vitality and BIG clash. Yesterday, BIG has defeated Fnatic in a beautiful style. Will the Germans manage to do the same trick with Vitality? The French team had a tough meeting with OG, that made a comeback on the second map from 11-15. The extra rounds finished with a score of 28:26 in favor of Vitality. BIG is showing an amazing Counter-Strike. But will it be enough to break into the list of world’s best CS:GO teams? The Germans have lost all three previous matches versus Vitality. Will today’s superb BIG form allow them to get the first-ever victory over ZewOo and team? I believe in BIG this time. Even such incredibly strong teams as Vitality have to lose some matches to become greater later. I think it is what will happens today, Match Winner – BIG with odds above 1.8. 

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