BLAST Premier Global Final 2020
24th of January 2021
(about 1 month ago)
Natus Vincere
Vitality vs NaVi – BLAST Premier Global Final 2020
24 Jan 2021 - 12:26
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What can we expect from this one? Well, I think we’re going to see this match go the extra length, although I’m not going to have that as my Vitality vs. NaVi picks here. In addition to that, I’m sure we’ll have a splendid match ahead of us. It’s not every day we see two of CSGO’s finest players go head-to-head in such an important (read elimination) match. This has all the potential of being the best match thus far this year, and spicing it up with a bet or two ought to bring you a lot of extra fun too.

Vitality is the favorite coming into this one; not by a lot, though. CSGO bookmakers are well-aware of NaVi’s snowball potential, especially knowing just how well B1T played against Team Liquid. But, Vitality should have more than enough time to prepare for NaVi and assert their dominance ahead of the grand finals match.

As for the grand finals, it’s going to be anyone’s game, really…

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