No Bounty Hunter
DreamLeague DPC EU: Lower Division season 15 2021
19th of April 2021
(22 days ago) vs. No Bounty Hunter – DreamLeague DPC EU
19 Apr 2021 - 08:19
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In the eyes of bookmakers the champion of this match will be ViKin.ggt.

VKgg current streak is 1 wins against NBH's 4 wins.

Team VKgg (rank #16) is 55 places above NBH (rank #71).

Previously team VKgg had won over team NBH 1 times, while No Bounty Hunter had 0 victories over

VKgg match roster is Seleri, BOOM, Aramis, Tobi, Shad.
NBH roster is kAANMVP, Flash, BliNcc / mellow, ntakii (I_Cant_take_it), dEsire.

VKgg current winrate is 70.00% against NBH's 70.00%.

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